Hurricanes are one of the worst occurrences that could ever happen to anywhere in the world. The amount of damage it can cause and the unspeakable number of lives these unfortunate events have taken have left so many people scarred, even traumatized for life. It leaves people not only physically exhausted but also mentally and emotionally wounded. It takes families months and even years trying to take back their previous lives, but sadly, some of the victims of these dangerous natural phenomena never get to move on and continue with their lives.

Characterized by heavy rains and strong winds, one of the impacts of a hurricane is the devastation it brings to the land it hits. Landscapes and trees are blown down, and houses are torn apart, leaving families with shelters barely hanging on. Here’s what you should do if your roof gets blown off during a hurricane.

Identify the Damages

Roofs play a considerable role in protecting the rest of your house and everything underneath it. The effects of having your roof getting blown off by a hurricane would be leaving your house unguarded and eventually in a detrimental state. The first thing that a homeowner should do is identify the damages that the hurricane has caused, not only to the roof but to the whole house. This is to determine what kind of repairs your house will need and calculate an estimate of the expenses you might be facing. You can do this yourself, but if you do not have enough knowledge about the roof’s specific parts and what materials would be needed to restore it, you should definitely consider seeking professional help.

Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

For sure, you can fix your roof yourself if the damages to your roof aren’t that serious. Just a couple of searches online or a quick inquiry from your neighbor, and you’d be able to identify what to do to remedy the damages done immediately. However, that isn’t really the most recommendable course of action to take.

It is highly advised that you hire a professional roofing contractor when repairing your roof.  The pros over at Suffolk county roofing company recommend taking on special offers like discounts and coupons that can be of huge help to you. It can help you save a couple of bucks that you can use later on much more important matters to help you recuperate from the negative impacts of the hurricane.


After determining all the damages, contemplate whether it is still safe for you and your family to stay in the house while repairs are in progress. If the severity of the damage is too high, you and the other dwellers in your home find a temporary place to stay while your house is undergoing repairs and construction.

It will be a complete inconvenience for both you and the workers if you’re getting in their way of repairing your roof. Before leaving, make sure to bring with you all your valuable items. However, if the repair would only take a few days or weeks, ensure that your prized belongings are safe and secured or hidden somewhere to protect against unwanted theft.

These are the general steps you could do after getting your roof blown off by a hurricane. However, it is better to be prepared even before the storm comes to your area. If you decide to stay in your house even after being warned that the hurricane would be dangerously intense, make sure that you and your house are well prepared, and immediately reinforce your home to protect it from the hurricane.

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