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Unusual Sofa Designs

One of the most important things to do while furnishing your living room is to get good sofa sets. In today article I will present 20 of the most Unusual Sofa Designs. Interesting? Creative?...


Creative Public Washroom Design

What you can expect from a public washroom? Clean, functional, maybe, a bit styled? In this post, I will present you 21 unusual washroom/toilet design. Some of them are funny, while some of them...


How Disney Recycle their Film Templates

Many classic Disney films contain almost identical animation sequences. It is said that Disney animators lightened their heavy work loads by recycling acetates from previous films, adding new details such as different faces, haircuts...


Carpet Art – creative and beautiful

It is said “Used carpet and rugs generate around 2.6 million tons of waste per year”. But what an old carpet , worn rugs or outdated carpet samples can do? Only end up in...


Recycled Art

Today is “Earth Day”, so we go on some “Green Topic” – Recycled Art. When I talk about recycled art, I am not going that extreme like artist Nick Demarco from California College, to...


Ads War : Mac VS Pc

There is heated response about my last post about Ads War. Hence, I decided to continue digging in this area. And here is our today’s topic: the ads war between mac and pc. The...


Interesting T-Shirt Design

Today’s topic is T-shirt Design. Some of them are really interesting and some of them are pretty clear ads campaign. Hope you enjoy! :) We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates...


Art and Life

What is art? Sometimes, art just needs to go one step further than what we are doing in daily life. You will know what I mean when you finish reading this post. Might also...


Art + Text = Artext

Artext is a designing company based in London, UK. Its name Artext is derived from the two nouns, ‘Art’ and ‘Text’, combining the multilingual power of photo’s, digital art and photo journalism with the...


Great Design from Tea-off Competition

A competition called “Tea-off” held sponsored by “World Kitchen” has announced its winner for 2009. There are 237 entries and finally, we got three winners and 25 honorees. Followings are the picture of three...


Interesting Concept Design from Benz Roadster

Benz recently unveiled heir line of “F-Series” concept vehicles which draws its inspiration from a diverse variety of automotive eras. It uniquely combines state-of-the-art technologies with the history of vehicle construction. Old fashioned pedicab...


Recycle Art – Glass Bottle Carving

Someone paint inside the bottle while someone carve inside. Look at those amazing pictures below, see how  those broken useless glass bottles are turned into a kind of masterpiece. :)