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DROP XL: Micro Removable Modular Hotel Room

Designed by Barcelona-based design studio In-tenta, DROP XL is a large version of the organically-shaped removable hotel room, which can be placed wherever the heart desires and the land permits. Due to its ECO...


Eco-friendly E’terra Samara Tree-house Resort in Canada

Located about 4 hours northwest of Toronto, Canada, eco-friendly resort E’terra Samara will soon add a series of 12 environmentally-friendly tree-house villas that will provide visitors with extreme luxury in the form of a...


Urban Hotel: Green Hotel for Bike-vacations

If you like to travel with bike, then you might love this “Urban Hotel” design. As a well thought-out solar-powered ‘green’ hotel, Urban Hotel itself is solar-power and features rainwater recycling system and a...