13 Incredible Meat Art

What can you do with meat, other than cook it somehow? Well, apparently you can create pieces of them. Take a look and be amazed or annoyed at these meaty masterpieces. But any way… I am more convincing myself as a “cooked meat lover”.


Start with 100% beef jerky, and SEAR your contact information into it with a 150 WATT CO2 LASER. This is the most special business card I ever seen. Not sure about the practical usage, it does look visually impressive.

Incredible Meat Art

Meat Coffee Cup [link]

Incredible Meat Art

Meat Car [link]

Incredible Meat Art

Russian sausage art [link]

I really like those three… enjoy the painting as well as eating them… hope I can get more artistic cell via this way (lol)

Incredible Meat Art

Incredible Meat Art

Incredible Meat Art

Victoria Reynolds’s meat art [link]

These abstract paintings are created by Victoria Reynolds with raw meat (beef, pork….). Its look beautiful but I am not sure I would like to hang those things at my home.

Incredible Meat Art

Meat sculpture from surrealcoconut [link]

Incredible Meat ArtBarbie Meat-Priestess on the Cerebral Waterbed (with meat sheets and a dolphin)

Incredible Meat ArtCherry Tarantula with Meat Bulb

“Double Meat Head,” Tony Matelli [link]

Incredible Meat ArtTwo meat head, one represents life and one represents death

Meat Shoes and Meat Toilet [link]

Looks like a bit disgusting to me

Incredible Meat Art

Incredible Meat Art

Meat home decor [link]

Ok, so these are actually made of paper mache, wax and other stuff but since they are crafted to look like they are made of meat, we thought they deserved to be on this esteemed list!

Incredible Meat Art

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  1. Aktfotograf says:

    The works on raw meat is amazingly nice to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Site Reviver says:

    Awesome work. I would like to add one more



  1. December 3, 2009

    […] food art/creation before, and some of them are bit disturbing such as my recent post about the meat art. But today, after a long suffering day … I decided to write something sweet, nice and […]

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