A powder room is also known as a half bath or guest bath. It only has two of the four main components that a bathroom should have, typically a toilet and a sink. A powder room is usually located on the first floor of a multi-story property, making it easily accessible to guests.

It is convenient to have such half bathroom to your guests if privacy is one of your concerns. However, not every house has such luxury to have a dedicated space for it. Hence, under stair powder room becomes a quite popular trend.

Of course, the space under stair is pretty small. However, with the right style and color, it can be stylish as well. Due to the limited space, bright lighting and large mirror are often used in the design to give a spacious feeling. And instead of having sink with vanity cabinet for more storage, a floating sink is the top choice to reduce clutter.

Moreover, wall mounted open shelf is more welcoming than the bulk cabinet in such small space. And faux plant or plant doesn’t require a lot lighting are good choice for decoration.

As for the color palette, it seems there are two quite different trends. One is using more bright, clean and simple tile, while the other one is to use complex wallpaper. Personally, I will prefer the clean style since I don’t like to have the busy patterns in such small area.

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