Last year, when I first started to prepare the lunch for my kids, I did some research and wrote an article about 10 Coolest Kid-friendly Lunch Boxes where I listed some good lunch boxes I thought were good. One year later, after two partically broken lunch box, I started to re-think what kind of lunch box should I buy this time.

The bento style lunch box is my favorite and I have been using my current one over two years. But it probably isn’t what kids want – having everything organized, grid by grid. I often have an issue when preparing my kids lunch when use bento style lunch box – some grids are too small and some grids are too large. Sometimes, I really hope I can take the divide off. Hence, this year, I wanted to try something else. Instead of bento style box, I will try a big carrying vessel, and the it need to be hard so the sandwich or banana inside won’t be bruised.

Gladly, I found 5 of these cool cases. No matter your kid is a dinosaur enthusiast, lover of vintage robots, or a guitar hero, I hope there is one they will like. And my boy wants the rocket one since he always want to be an astronaut.

Need a proper carrying vessel for your lunch or large snack? Whether you’re a dinosaur enthusiast, lover of vintage robots, or a guitar hero — here are 5 Lunch Boxes that may or may not be too cool for school.

Dinosaur Lunch Box [buy on amazon]

Just gobble up your goods and get a mouthful of crayons, food, or fossils! The strong dino case is an ideal storage solution for stomping around with, and its gripping carry handle saves all your essentials from extinction! So don’t be afraid to venture into the wild, just remember to take a bite with you! Great for the Jurassic explorer!

A plastic case with silicone lining in a dinosaur design
Fabric carry handle that secures your items
Measures 165mm(W) x 235mm(H) x 125mm(D)

Rockstar Lunch Box [buy on amazon]

Cool kids bring their own lunch. The coolest kids conceal their lunch in a guitar case. Prove your rock-star credentials, decorate with your favourite band stickers. Or prove you’re eating 5-a-day and decorate with your favourite fruit stickers. A classic tin lunch box with attitude. A rock n roll gift for the most hip kid in school.

Tin lunchBox shaped like a guitar case
Carry handle and secure fastenings
Comes with a set of stickers
Measures 15.5cm(W) x 28cm(H) x 8.1cm(D)

TV Lunch Box [buy on amazon]

A classic tin lunch box disguised as a super cool retro TV set. Be entertained as you enjoy your lunch with the lenticular printed screen which features an animated cat and mouse duo. Available in 3 colours, each with a different animation. Big enough for a good size packed lunch and fun enough for both kids and adults.

With animated Super Lenticular Technology Screen.
Portable metal lunch box in the style of a cool retro TV set.
Cool retro gifts for both kids and adults.

Rocket Lunch Box [buy on amazon]

Keep snacks safe while jetting around. A classic tin lunchBox in a retro rocket design. Big enough to hold a complete packed lunch, cool enough to stay out of your backpack. The best gift for budding young astronauts or big kids.

Metal lunchBox with retro space rocket design.
Storage container for food, toys or small objects.
The coolest way to store your rocket fuel!
150 x 230 x 80mm | 0.3Kg

Lunch Bot [buy on amazon]

Keep your food safe in this retro tin lunch box. Designed like a classic robot, there’s plenty of space for all of your lunch essentials; sandwiches, fruit and even that cheeky chocolate bar! Throw away the plastic bag and carry around your lunch in style!

Classic tin lunchBox designed like a retro robot
Carry handle and secure fastenings
Plenty of room for a sandwich and snacks!
Measures 16.2cm(W) x 24.5cm(H) x 8.5cm(D)

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