For many homeowners interior design is a skill best left to the experts and they will happily leave the task to someone with more experience. That is fair enough but for a more hands-on approach there is lots you can do to give your property’s interior design a much needed refresh. Making simple, bold, or adventurous changes to your interiors to suit your taste should not be rocket science; and it doesent necessarily have to be expensive.

There are many ways of achieving this and with that in mind we have compiled some of our favourite creative interior design tips and tricks to help give your home an exciting refresh.

Make Use of Cleaning Hacks
The internet is a treasure trove of information and when it comes to interior decor it can be a great source of inspiration. Sites such as Pinterest offer ideas with visual examples from which you can glean great ideas while company websites offer an insights into their services through consumer feedback.

The same goes for cleaning your interiors, with many home cleaning hacks now available online.  For example you can find out about air duct cleaning if you visit spotless ducts or any relevant Pinterest, Instagram, or FaceBook page. Likewise, simple hacks such as cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper or whitening your interior fabrics with a home-made solution can also be found online for simple, cheap, but effective cleaning hacks.

5 Creative Interior Design Tips to give your Home a Refresh

Move your Furniture Around
One easy way to bring renewed energy in your rooms is by moving furniture around in order to give your home a change in dynamics. In addition to good aesthetics, your home should accommodate your family’s needs and should therefore be dynamic enough for changes to suit your style, taste and living requirements. Usually, moving furniture will feel odd at first, but you and your family will soon grow to get used, and love the new arrangement. If not, you can just change it around again until you settle on the refreshing change you’re happy with.

Create Style Spots where Possible
Another way to give your homes’ interior decor a refresh is by creating style spot in your rooms. Style spots are a clever way to create a focal point in every room and grab your visitor’s attention. These can vary from the dramatic to the soothing and can include artwork, lighting, or a collection of furniture.

5 Creative Interior Design Tips to give your Home a Refresh

Unleash your Sense of Adventure

One of the most common mistakes most homeowners make with their interiors is that of playing it too safe. However for a truly unique and bold refresh it is sometimes worth unleashing your sense of adventure and being braver with your decor choices. This will in turn help to make your homes’ interior design more a reflection of your taste and lifestyle as discussed below.

Make a Statement that Reflects your Personality

While trends inspired by the world’s leading interior designers are worthy sources of inspiration, you do not need to be restricted by them. Another great way to refresh your home’s interior decor is by making a statement that reflects your personality. Trends will come and go, but an individual style that reflects your personality and works for you never goes out of fashion.

5 Creative Interior Design Tips to give your Home a Refresh

In conclusion, the most important aspect of decorating interiors is ensuring that it meets both your aesthetic and practical needs. Incorporating all the tips above will ensure that giving your home a refresh is much easier and the results always reflect your sense of style as well as meet your daily lifestyle needs.

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