Plumbing emergencies can arise anytime, anywhere, such as at home, office, or a party. Be it anywhere, it results due to a lack of maintenance of the plumbing system.

Suppose it’s a typical day like any other day. You are busy completing household tasks and getting ready for the office. Amidst this, your kitchen sink clogs up and overflows, leading to water overflow. Or you get up to find your toilet flush not working because the pipeline has leaked.

All plumbing issues can throw you into a chaotic situation and be a daunting experience at any point in time. At such times, if you just google urgent plumber near me, getting hold of a trustworthy plumbing service provider is the rescue.

Fixing the plumbing issue before the plumber comes in will prevent further worsening. But many people don’t know how to repair the problem independently.

Today, we will teach you how to manage plumbing emergencies at home if you are still waiting for a service provider.

How To Manage Plumbing Emergencies At Home?

Plumbing issues could be very simple, but you need to be made aware of how to handle the situation. For such cases, we have pointed below five tips that will be handy for you to get over it instantly.

1. Find Out The Primary Water Line Connection

The first step you need to take when there is a plumbing emergency is to close the primary source of the water to avoid further problems. Even a small leak could cause massive damage to your home, so it is a good idea to turn down the water valve.

You can also consider closing the respective valve of the area where it is affected. If the problem is in your kitchen, you can shut off the sink’s water valve, which you will find somewhere below the drainage pipe. For difficulties in the toilet, you can close the toilet’s water valve, which might be behind the commode.

However, turning down the main water valve is the best choice.

2. Turn Off The Water Heater

For minor plumbing emergencies, turning off the water heater is not necessary. But if you are unaware of the severity of the situation, switch off the water heater as soon as the main water valve is turned off.

If the water heater runs without any water, it can burst or overheat. Turning off the water heater will prevent it from running down. After it is turned off, allow the remaining water in the pipes to flow down the drain.

3. Shut Off The Electrical Circuits

Plumbing emergencies mean issues with water. Electricity and water, on the other hand, have a deadly combination.

If, by any chance, the electricity comes in connection with water, it can be risky. So it is better to turn off the main electrical switch. Also, if the water leaks and comes into contact with electricity by any chance, do not dare to touch the water.

4. Look For The Leaking Joints

Now that you have shut off the primary water line connection and the main electricity switch, you should look for the leaking joints.

To find the leaks, consider switching off the primary water source to see where the water is dripping. Those drops of water will help you locate the leak.

If you have found the leak point, tie a cloth around it or put a bucket below to stop the water flow.

5. Open The Spigots

Once the main water valve is turned down, passing the clogged water or the remaining water from your home is necessary to avoid flooding and affecting your furniture or electrical appliances.

To gush the water out of your home, open the spigots, and give the garden hose a few sprays to clear the remaining water.

However, avoid using drain cleaners, though it seems the easiest option. Using a drain cleaner can affect your entire plumbing system. If the pipe is old, the chemical-based drain cleaners can erode the pipes.


Plumbing issues arise at the most inconvenient times, and don’t come informed. Since we do not encounter it daily, many people are unaware of a plumbing emergency. Many are unaware of the next steps to take if a plumbing emergency arises.

For such situations, we have shared tips if you get into a plumbing emergency while at home.

However, if the situation worsens, a few may need help to solve the plumbing issue. Calling the nearest plumbing service provider would be the best option for such cases.

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