Puzzle, just LEGO, is a good toy for both kids and adults. Previously, the difficulty of puzzle depends on its pattern and piece number. However, no matter how complex they are, the final result are always rectangle-ish.

In these days, irregular shape puzzle becomes more and more popular. Unlike classic jigsaw puzzles, intertwining shapes of these cat puzzle pieces are designed with custom software. They often don’t contain corner pieces and they also include straight-edged pieces in the middle of the puzzle. And many of them even have hidden jews. For example, there are 43 cat pieces hidden in below herding cats puzzle.

Herding cats puzzle – 224 pieces

Herding cats was previously impossible but now it’s a wooden jigsaw puzzle you can complete at home. We’ve got small cats & big cats; fluffy cats & fur-less ones; a cat in box; snuggling cats; cats that are strutting, sleeping, leaping, bathing and generally being cute.

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Wood Cats Puzzle – 300 pieces

These wood cut puzzles are made with superior quality, highly durable basswood, with smooth finished edges and non-toxic, 100% safe paints, guaranteed to ensure perfect fit. These unique shaped jigsaw puzzles feature fun, ultra-bright color combinations which inspire a good, relaxing mood! The wooden cat puzzle will definitely put a smile on your face and create a lovely display in any room of your house or office!

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Cat Head Puzzle – 144 pieces

Just enjoy the process of challenging with that animal puzzle. It will be an interesting experience.

Not only release stress and anxiety after work, but also improve patience, thinking, and concentration with wooden puzzles for kids.

Dimension: 25 x 21 cm/ 9.8” x 8.3”
Weight: 150g/5.3oz
Quantity: 144 pieces

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KAAYEE Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles – 271 pieces

Formaldehyde-free Baltic Birchwood, archival quality paper, and a stained and finished protective coat. Keep it for decades, hang it on your wall, or pass it on for others to enjoy.

Each puzzle piece has its own unique shape. An exciting game is suitable for school children and adults.

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Tenzanfun Unique Cat Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – 200 pieces

If you love puzzles but are bored with standard shaped jigsaw puzzles, we have developed incredible cat jigsaw puzzles for you, the elements of which are carved in the form of animals and plants. Why you should choose our puzzle 1.Unique designs. 2.Fully recyclable packaging. 3.A thoughtful gift for every occasion. This is a great gift for both adults and children. Enjoy a relaxing time solving these Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles.

Finished size in 11.8×10.5 inches. It composed of 200 uniquely shaped pieces, which raise the challenge of puzzling.

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Unique Cat Puzzle Jigsaw Wooden Puzzles with Kitty Shapes – 288 pieces

Based on the mysterious and stunning long-haired cat, printed with bright colors, the wooden puzzles transport you to an appealing puzzle world. Share the enjoyment of jigsaw puzzles with your kids. Made up of premium birch wood and advanced print technology, the color is bright and durable after long-term preservation. All materials are environmental friendly and non-toxic. The wooden puzzle finished size is 5.9″×7.5″/8.2″×10.3″/11.4″×14.6″.

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