In this difficult time, we try different ways to get our mental peace. There are many ways we can try: reading, cooking, gardening or any healthy hobby. At the same time, some talented people also use their ways to help people, like drawing adorable and playful comics.

Indian artist Adarsh known as Lazyleafcomics, is the creative brain behind below adorable, colorful, sweet, and wholesome comics. His illustrations aim to lift people’s spirits and make their days better. As Adarsh said “I try to make comics and illustrations which entertain people, give them joy, and hopefully make their day a little bit better if they are having a tough time. I try to make funny and wholesome comics. Topics can range from something lighthearted to more serious themes like depression, self-love, anxiety, etc.”

Although Adarsh is a Geology Ph.D. student, he’s thinking of quitting science and pursuing art after he’s done with his degree. Take a look at Adarsh’s playful comics creation, and do you think he should purse art as his career instead of being a geologist?

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