Hiroshima-based textile artist Atelier Hatena created charming felted bread sculptures. From a crispy-looking croissant to a golden baguette, these little works of art come in a range of bread types.

However, Hatena’s felted bread is a bit different. By adding extra stuff like tiny legs, little tail or bunny ears, Hatena make these loaves even delightful. This whimsical addition transforms the beloved food staple into adorable little creatures that can stand up and pose on the table.

To make these bread creatures even playful, Hatena sets them up in difference scenes and poses them in various gestures then photograph them. Whether they’re balanced over the rim of a mug or nestled on the table cloth, it is hard to not like these little bread guys.

Besides these felted bread sculptures, you can find more of Hatena’s felted creatures on Instagram.

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