project info:
name: Studio Danucio — Future Avant-garde
designer: Joe Zander / Bureau3000

With the rapidly surging technological wave, traditional designers have increasingly begun adapting AI technology to enhance their workflow and open boundless avenues for creative expression. Creative industries in particular have taken on these tools to expand their practices. With this trend, we have been seeing many creative AI rendering work. And today, we will feature another set of creative AI Generated Furniture from Joe Zander / Bureau3000.

For Studio Danucio, Bureau3000 introduces a series of playful seats and sofas that fuse avant-garde with pop-art and new luxury in vibrant expressions. Using artificial intelligence, the studio offers a unique opportunity for designers to be inspired by cutting-edge design concepts that serve as visions of new possibilities and sources of creativity.

Unlike the fruit inspired furniture we featured previous, you can’t really tell Zander’s work is real or not. With the amount of details, we kindly hope these modern and luxurious furnitures do exist and available for purchase. They can be art by themselves.

h/t: designboom

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