Sure, whizzing down slides in playgrounds is fun. But after a while, it can feel a little, well, unimaginative. But a Danish company is fixing that with their amazingly jolly animal shaped playgrounds. This Copenhagen-based MONSTRUM creatively transform playgrounds into imaginative habitats for land and sea creatures.

Sometimes towering dozens of feet in the air, the architectural animals rest on stone and painted ground coverings, their bellies and limbs left hollow to fit climbing ropes, tunnels, and slides that scale the length of a tentacle or fin.

Their works not only look cool but focus on accessibility for all ages and abilities as well. For example, “The Land of River Giants” in Tulsa, Oklahoma, contain multiple creatures, including two monumental herons and a long-nosed paddlefish surrounded by reeds nearby. The fish’s mouth serving as a low, gaping entrance designed for smaller children and a 12-foot high slide descending from the birds for older kids.

Below are some of MONSTRUM’s awesome playground collection. You can find more on the studio’s official site.

h/t: thisiscolossal

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