Extend your SUP adventures to new horizons with the innovative BAJAO Cabin. This double-walled tent with air poles can be securely strapped onto any SUP, transforming your board into a comfortable sleeping platform. Say goodbye to cumbersome camping mats and the need to secure your board while you sleep – the BAJAO Cabin has you covered.

Designed with versatility in mind, the BAJAO Cabin is adjustable to fit boards of different widths and lengths, making it suitable for various SUP models. The inner tent, made from lightweight fabric and mesh, is sewn to the air frame, offering breathability and insect protection. On fair-weather nights, you can choose to use the inner tent alone. When rain or wind protection is needed, the waterproof flysheet can be easily pitched.

With a compact pack size, the BAJAO Cabin saves valuable space on your board for essential gear. Its side tubes provide additional stability on the water, allowing you to camp right on the water’s surface (recommended for flat and shallow waters or solid ground). Off the water, the removable side tubes make the tent versatile for land-based adventures such as bike packing or trekking tours.

Inflating the BAJAO Cabin is a breeze, thanks to the supplied adapters that allow compatibility with various pumps, including iSUP pumps, bicycle pumps, and kite pumps.

The possibilities for camping with the BAJAO Cabin are endless. Whether you choose to camp on the water, on your board, on your car roof, or even directly on the ground without a SUP, this tent offers the freedom to explore and sleep in unique and exciting locations.

Please note that while the BAJAO Cabin provides additional stability on the water, it is not recommended for use in waterways or waves. Safety precautions should always be followed, and suitable camping spots should be chosen for optimal enjoyment of this innovative tent extension.

Experience the joy of camping wherever your SUP adventure takes you with the BAJAO Cabin – the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking new frontiers and unforgettable experiences.

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