Designed by Atelier Nomadic for Nomadic Resorts, the majestic mobula rays were the inspiration for these cozy abodes that are an extension to the Playa Viva resort near Zihuatanejo.

Playa Viva is an off-grid resort that uses 100% renewable energy from solar power. It’s is dedicated to providing a greener way to experience the wonders of the country while limiting its impact and supporting the local community.

Using traditional construction practices and provincial materials, the structures are perfectly suited for the tropical climate with the prismatic mobula ray-inspired roof that provides plenty of shade and cover from heavy rain. Guadua bamboo poles act as the main structure for the buildings. Strips of the poles are used to form façade louvers and the flattened poles create the signature roof structure. Smaller poles from Phyllostachys Aurea bamboo are used in the annex building for the wall and façade panels.

In order to allow guests to best appreciate the view, designers placed the main bedroom at the front of the treehouse overlooking the coast. The back area of the structure is referred to as an annex treehouse and contains a bathroom on the lower level. On the upper level, there is another bedorrom or private lounge space.

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