Bath and Barley” is the first Belgian beer spa dubbed located in the old city center of Brussels. Designed by WeWantMore, the spa aims to create a sense of relaxation and intimacy combining beer and bathing while highlighting Belgium’s well-known beer heritage. Patterns like knights, kettles and beer barrels, which are part of the visual identity of the spa, are widely applied in the interior design.

Upon entering the spa, curve-shaped tubs as well as the pre-existing vaulted cellar, generate a sense of calmness. Dried barley and hops hanging from the ceiling provide with their aroma a sensorial experience. The exposed walls, raw concrete and blue stone complete the earthy feel of the ground floor. Traditional materials such as copper, grain, and stained glass are widely used in the interiors to keep alive Belgium’s medieval beer brewing culture.

This is a very unique spa design that I haven’t seen somewhere else. The designing studio is quite good at combining the beer brewing culture with the interior designs. It must be quite relaxing to have a glass of beer while soaking in the water.

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