The smell is the most powerful sense of humans’; keeping in mind the good and bad smell tells us a lot about a place. Especially when it comes to our homes, we must keep them fresh.

However, if your home does not smell nice, it will make you and your guests uneasy. However, the secret to a nose-friendly space is not to spray a bottle of fragrance or room freshener. You must lookout for more natural options to make your home smell pleasant for a long-time.

Scattering Soy Candles throughout your house:

In 1992 Michael Richards invented soy wax; as an alternative to beeswax. The hydrogenation of soybean oil gives birth to soy wax. The soy candles are natural and organic and do not harm the environment.

The cleaning and burning of soy candles will not disturb the air quality of the air, and it will leave your house with a pleasant smell. The lasting of soy wax is indeed commendable, and no residue and smoke will let the scent regulate the air of your home.

You can place soy candles in each of your rooms and light them all together at one time.

Simmer Fruits and Herbs:

Take a small saucepan and simmer the water. Add some citrus slices and herbs. You can also add lavender, mint, or patchouli to the water. The heat will permeate the scent in your entire house.

Moreover, you can customize the herbs and fruits depending on what you have in your pantry. Once the water simmering is done, you can also place the sauce on your dinner table; so that the scent can take over your house. However, consistency is the key to a nice-smelling house.

Greenery is the solution:

Bring in the outdoor beauty to your home. Indoor plants clean the air and also add a pleasant feeling to your home. Get indoor plants like jasmine, eucalyptus, and gardenias.

However, before following this step, stop and think about whether you are prepared to care for them. Plants are a huge responsibility, and you must take good care of them.

Tip: The Eucalyptus plant is the best; you must have seen many candles and air-freshener having the scent of eucalyptus. The fragrance of eucalyptus is incredibly soothing as well.

Cinnamon hack:

You do not need to bake fresh cookies and pies to get the real smell of cinnamon. Just pour a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and cloves on a baking sheet and leave it inside the oven for 20-25 minutes. Open the door, take the baking sheet out and fill your home with a lovely spicy scent. You can also simmer water and ground cinnamon together to get the scent.

Vacuum hack:

To get a pleasant smell, you gotta work! Make your house smell while doing the cleaning. Soak a cotton ball with your favorite perfume and drop it into the vacuum cleaner bag. As you vacuum the floor, the cleaner will gently release the scent into the room. Change the cotton ball every day, and keep one perfume only. Changing the perfume every day will not give effective results.


The easiest method to make your home smell nice. Fill the diffuser with water, pour a few drops of essential oil, and turn it on. The diffuser will regulate a pleasing smell throughout your house.

Carpet powder:

We usually overlook the fibers in our carpet. Eliminate the odor from your carpet by following the steps.

  • Half cup borax
  • Half cup baking soda
  • 25-30 drops of essential oil or one teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Now take a container and add all the ingredients and shake properly. Sprinkle the powder on your carpet and let it be for 15-20 minutes. Vacuum the carpet and notice the difference. The powder will pick up the dirt and hair, leaving a light and fresh scent.

Wax melt and burner:

Little lamps and burners are our favorite. Also, they are a great way to fill your home with the scent that you love. You can either use essential oil or use scented wax cubes. You can also make scented wax cubes at home; all you need:

  • Saucepan
  • Glass
  • ¼ cup of beeswax pastilles
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • Essential oil
  • Silicon mold

Add water to your saucepan and bring it to a simmer. Add the beeswax and coconut oil to the glass and place them over the saucepan. When the wax and oil have melted, remove the glass from the saucepan.

Add around 100 drops of essential oil to the mixture; you can also use a combination of oils—for example, 30 drops of eucalyptus, 30 drops of lavender, and 30 drops of grapefruit. Pour the mixture into the silicone mold and let it cool.

It is not necessary to use expensive room sprays and humidifiers to make your home smell nice. Following the above method will help you to get a good smell. However, you must take your garbage out regularly and notice the loopholes. Indeed, a lovely smelling house is a welcoming house.

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