Do you look at other people’s kitchens and think, ‘I wish mine was more like that’? It’s one of those rooms that, over time, can look tired and dated if not regularly refreshed. But luckily, it’s more than possible to give your kitchen a modern aesthetic without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways to achieve this…

Adding more light

Dark and gloomy kitchens definitely belong in the past, as modern kitchens enjoy an abundance of light. Natural light helps enormously, so if you’re not making the most of this, think about how best to do so in your kitchen. Otherwise, it might be time to replace the one single light with recessed lighting, bright hanging lights or perhaps LED spotlights (LED lights are the most energy efficient) and see how much better your kitchen looks when it’s well illuminated.


Is avocado or teak the predominant colour in your kitchen? If so, it might be time to brighten it up a bit. This doesn’t mean buying new cabinets, necessarily, but rather painting the ones you do have to give them a 21st-century feel. The colours you use in your kitchen are a telling sign of when it was decorated, so it’s important to opt for a modern hue for a modern look. Try light grey and blue, and take a look at light-coloured modern kitchens that you can take inspiration from and implement in your home.


It’s possible to resurface your countertops yourself, and you won’t necessarily need any special skills or tools to do so. But it’s far easier, though more expensive, to get them replaced. Either way, it’ll be a great way to modernise your kitchen. Again, it’s partly about choosing brighter colours that lighten up the room, and making sure there’s minimal clutter. And there are plenty of materials to choose from these days too, be it marble, resin or even concrete or tile.


This is a tricky one to get right because, in a kitchen, there’s a fine line between decorations and clutter. Modern kitchens often opt for a minimalistic style, so a novelty bottle opener fridge magnet may not fit the aesthetic. Your kitchen will look at its best if you keep things clutter-free, though there are some things you can do to add a bit of your own individuality to the room. Flowers are a great option, either on shelves on top of cabinets, or as a fine centrepiece when placed lovingly on the dining table. A bowl of fruit will also add colour and freshness to a room.

Modernising your kitchen tends to mean lightening it up and decluttering. And since it’s a room we spend so much of our lives in, it’s important it’s a place that inspires, rather than one that destroys the soul. And rest assured, it can normally be done on a shoestring, and rarely requires ripping everything up and starting again.

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