Project: Serpukhov Apartment
Authors: Designers Pavel and Svetlana Alekseeva
Location: Serpukhov, Moscow Region
Year 2019
Photographer: Maxim Kanakin

This modern and minimal apartment is designed for a young man and his girlfriend. According to client’s request, the apartment needs to allocate a berth. Thanks to the careful plan of the apartment layout, designer is able to place a berth near the living room. Black and white are the main tone of the interior. The white walls are widely used to improve the light flow and the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the sleeping area is resolved the issue of daylight and increased the space.

Due to client’s presence of wood, wooden walls are used as the feature interior. A wooden wall is extended to the ceiling. Even inside the bathroom, wooden pattern tile is used to realized the customer’s desire to the maximum.

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