Hiroki Takeda is an artist who specializes in watercolor paintings. Using a vibrant color palette of pinks, reds and purple, Takeda designs animals that contain a secret garden of blossoms and grass. His work with expressions and color techniques are quite unique. And Takeda prides his artwork on his technique and the careful gradation of colors.

These botanical-inspired paintings feature charismatic cats and dogs, hamsters, birds, lizards, and more. While in this article, we will focus on his the artist’s work of dogs. Using the form of the dog as the outline for a natural paradise, Takeda fills it with different kinds of plant life instead of the texture of the species’ body. Takeda often completes these dazzling compositions with a visit from a wandering butterfly.

You can purchase original watercolor paintings via Takeda’s online store, and keep up to date with his latest creations by following the artist on Instagram.

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