There are many ways to recycle wine bottles, but I never thought they can be the container to grow plant. With the help of Bottle Stopper Hydroponic Garden Kit, you can repurpose them into decorative windowsill gardens that grow edible flowers or fresh herbs.

Just fill an empty wine bottle with water, insert of one of the hydroponic smart soil capsules down into the neck, drop in the included seeds, and place in a sunny spot. That’s it. Then you can enjoy the magic of watching the seeds sprout, and then as the plants grow you also get to watch their roots extend down into the bottle. Soon, you’ll have fresh sweet basil, dill, and parsley herbs or cosmos, marigold and zinnia edible flowers.

Last but not least, these kits are soil-free meaning you have no mess and none of the usual bugs. [buy on amazon]

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Each Indoor herb garden kit includes: 3 x bottle inserts, 3 x bottle labels, 3 x germination stickers, 3 x packets of premium indoor herb seeds and a 1 x Quick Start Guide.

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