Why you want to visit a cafe? Probably because its coffee, snack, location. But for its interior design? Maybe not. However, after seeing the Café Bw, I totally agree that interior can definitely be a reason.

Café Bw, currently in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg, has become a social media sensation thanks to its quirky monochromatic interior design. Someone called it a comic-book inspired design, but for me, it more like comes out from a coloring book directly.

With every surface and piece of furniture rendered in stark black-and-white, the whole thing looks decidedly two-dimensional. Black and white walls, curtains, floors, and furniture, everything feels like 2D without a sense of depth. Although as designing trend, flat design is quite popular. This is the first time I saw someone applied it on interior design. The visual impact is really powerful while confusing at the same time. In a way, anyone who enters the coffee shop is trapped between the real world and cartoons.

This unique cafe is definitely a popular place where people deliberately visit to take unusual pictures. Below are some pictures of its mind blowing design. You can find more on its Instagram.

More info: Facebook | Instagram | cafe2d.ru

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