Designed by Architect Beatrice Bonzanigo, this dreamy circular tiny cabin “Casa Ojalá” is a super modular residential. This 27 sqm house with more than 1,000 interior solutions working in synchrony without ever changing the original structure and shape.

The prefabricated dwelling is designed to be self-standing, without depending on foundations. With its unique design, “Casa Ojalá” blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior in the most organic ways. Inspired by sailboats, the cylindrical structure operates with a manual mechanism made with ropes, handles, pulleys, and cranks. The compact cabin is configured with all kinds of rollable walls, allowing people to create different open and closed spaces. “Casa Ojalá is most suitable for temperate climates and a bio-ethanol stove is included to combat seasonal chill.

The residence is equipped with two beds (one double and one single bed), a bathroom, kitchenette, rooftop terrace and a living area. Beds are hidden under the floor. Hence, when they are not in use, it becomes a living space.

“Casa Ojalá” has been constructed with carefully selected timbers, fabrics made from recycled plastic, and handmade ceramics. It also has integrated photovoltaic panels, a rainwater recovery system, and a black water depuration advanced biological plant – all of which allows it to be set up even in the most remote locations.

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