We know metal scraps can be turned into stunning sculptures in artist’s magic hands. How about fabric scraps? In this article, we will show you some unexpected works of art made by Bryony Rose Jennings using forgotten fabric scraps. Like putting together a puzzle, she carefully chooses and stitches each textile scrap together until she creates a colorful animal sculpture.

I love the feeling of being totally consumed by whatever it is I am working on, it’s easy to lose myself in the process, digging for the perfect piece of fraying fabric for an eyelash or the right leaf print to accentuate an ankle or a haunch. I’m not looking for realism; my work seeks a feeling of life and soul. The animals come into being and they pull me in, there is a turning point with each sculpture I make, a moment when the personality appears and begins to direct its own evolution, it feels a bit like magic.

When asked how she started to create such scrap fabric sculptures, Jennings said it all started from an intensive project in which she created a patchwork donkey with a friend using only reclaimed materials. Ever since, she has been making textile sculptures. Ranging from large canines to small mice, these tactile creatures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find available sculptures for purchase via Jennings’s website, and keep up to date with the artists’ latest scrap fabric sculptures by following her on Instagram.

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