There’s no better way to make something stand out than by crafting on it. Wood is no exception. Wood crafting has been around for centuries and the only thing that has changed with the way we come about it nowadays compared to hundreds of years ago, are the techniques we incorporate to craft wood. Basically, any piece of wooden architecture or decoration can be crafted on, some requiring more detail and precision than others. The most common instruments to carve wood nowadays, are those called chisels. Those full-sized carving tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to provide the utmost precision, and create the detail that can showcase the true definition of impeccable craftsmanship. Carving chisels start as small as 2mm in length, allowing them to reach all the hard to get places and guarantee the attention to detail that’s required in smaller wooden objects that don’t provide the canvas that larger pieces might. Numerous websites specialize in explaining the depths of cravings to all that may be just starting their journey. A good place to start is In this article, we will give you a basic overview of the different wood crafting techniques you might want to investigate further.

Nowadays, the most common wood-crafting instruments are chisels, which are formed of perpendicular angles, perfect for crafting the outside of a piece. A Skew chisel has a more beveled edge, and an angled tip for more circular carvings. A Gouge is also commonly used for wood crafting techniques due to its concave blade, and a V-tool is practically a conjunction of two chisels, to form a V shape. In the world of chisels, there’s also what’s known as a Fishtail gouge, which is distinctive by its name which is a fishtail end. If you think those instruments sound a bit medieval considering today’s technological advances, numerous techniques are incorporating electronic devices to wood carving. These include Burrs, which cut the wood while rotating at a very high speed, or power woodcarvers which are simply types of electronically simulated chisels, with a back and forth high-speed motion.

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