Even with the popularity of online shopping, we still do physical shopping, we still need to transport our goods from A to B. So, we still need shopping bag. As we all know, disposable shopping bags are in the midst of a revolution, the onset of paper and reusable alternatives rightly consigning them to the rubbish bins of history for the rest of time. The material change doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice the design.

As we all know, branded shopping bag is a smart way to promote your brand with help of your customers. The humble shopping bag is a blank canvas upon which businesses can paint innovative marketing messaging. These walking billboards are proof that physical media still has its place when it comes to boosting branding, profits, and company image.

Bold, solid brand logo or name on the shopping bag is fine. But having some creative designs which make people take second look is better. In this article, we will showcase some creative shipping bag designs by Rob Gros. Gros clearly integrating handles into the bag design, making it more memorable and appealing to customers. Some of the designs are pretty good while some of them actually lacking of brand awareness. I guess, we really need to find a fine balance between branding and creativity.

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