Avid fans cross national borders to see their favorite sports teams compete. Millions flock to major international events. In terms of excitement, watching a live broadcast can hardly be compared with being at the venue as the game reaches its climax. This explains why sports tours are so popular. Cricket is no exception.

This is where the sports and travel industries converge. The biggest tournaments, such as the Ashes Cup, are watched by hundreds of millions at sportsadda.com chosen by cricket fans. And if you are thinking of combining fan experience with tourism next year, here is an overview of the most attractive offers.

Key Events to Include in Your 2020 Cricket Calendar

Cricket Travel Tours to Book for 2020

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The World Cup

The year is packed with thrilling cricket events. The most prominent one is, naturally, the 2020 ICC T20 World Cup, scheduled to take place on the Australian continent from October 18 until November 15.

The semi-finals will be hosted by the Sydney Cricket Ground, while the final matches are going to take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with over 100,000 seats. As concerns the team list, expect to see the nine leading ICC Full Members, in addition to the host nation.

Since attending all of the games is hardly possible, you should try to get to these two stages. After all, this is the central competition of the season. The group stage is to be played at Bellerive Oval, a stadium in Hobart, on the picturesque island of Tanzania. This incredible location is also scheduled to host the biggest portion of games overall.

During the World Cup, we will see 20 top cricket teams compete in the group stage and the finals. India, which is among the strongest cricket nations, is going to take part and is predicted to emerge victorious, according to many sports experts. Their strongest opponents should be UK-based cricketers. The Aussies are no less formidable, especially considering the support of nine stadiums in the country.

The United States Tri-Nation Series

This tournament is scheduled for March, and it will consist of One Day International fixtures only. The three-nation  series will see the rivalry between the UAE, Scotland, and the host country. It is included in the 2019-2022 ICC Cricket World Cup League 2. The latter, in turn, is part of the Qualifiers for the Cricket World Cup of 2023.

The results of these games determine whether or not the participating teams will make the cut for the World Cup. It is still unclear which US city will host the event. However, rest assured that your trip will be worth every cent, as American locations offer numerous activities aside from the matches.

Why Travel for Cricket?

Why travel when you can easily watch the game in the comfort of your home? Today, cricket events are broadcast on TV and through the Internet, on demand. A subscription to a digital service may enable you to watch any match you like. Moreover, the ICC is present on all the major social media networks, and the YouTube channel is updated with fresh content almost daily.

However, none of these technological advances helps us feel the full scope of emotions remotely. Watching the game unfold at a stadium is the ultimate experience for any fan. Fans have always followed their favorites around the world, and millions will do so in 2020.

Secondly, taking a trip abroad means you will not only see the game but also immerse yourself in the local culture, seeing the sights, tasting local cuisine, and socializing with other cricket enthusiasts, improving cross-cultural awareness.

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