Edible Architecture – Delicious

There 11 interesting images in today’s post… and its topic is “Edible Architecture”. It is a contest held by worth1000, which requires artists building architectures with food (fruit, bread, vegetable, ice cream etc.,). There are lots of interesting creations and I list 11 my favorites. And now, let’s begin our journey to those delicious houses…. Architecture never made you this hungry

Edible Architecture - DeliciousResistance By CharlesFBI

Edible Architecture - DeliciousHappy Halloween By

Edible Architecture - DeliciousMelon Hut By krwetton

Edible Architecture - Deliciouspumpkin house By Treason

Edible Architecture - DeliciousOnion Mill By aards2

Edible Architecture - DeliciousChristmas in Onionville By Pac0daTac0

Edible Architecture - DeliciousCoconut Huts By BrownTrout

Edible Architecture - DeliciousBroccoli House By Larssonpsd

Edible Architecture - DeliciousGrape Apartments By Monkeysniffer08

Edible Architecture - DeliciousAfrican Bread Hut By Onanymous

Edible Architecture - DeliciousShroom Island By ChrisEll

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  1. Jonathan | EnlightenYourDay.com says:

    Amazing fairytale photos. My favourite was the grape hut.

    I was checking out your site and I was wondering what is the plugin is on the top right? And below the google links ads on the right, what form of ads are they. Just thought I would ask…