Canadian Artist Sharon Nowlan creates stunning and enchanting pebble art. Living in Pictou, Province of Nova Scotia, Nowlan creates charming storytelling using just small pebbles, sea glasses and other found stuff.

Nowlan design with pebbles the same way that people design with fabric, metal, wood, paint, or flour and butter. It’s just a different way of expressing all the wonderful things that life has to offer. It still amazes me to think that it’s possible to create such warm human emotion with the tiniest little pebble.

When asked about her pebble art, Nowlan said what her do is more than just putting pebbles onto paper. It is actually a challenge to make something original that makes people feel an emotion. And Nowlan successfully create that emotion bonding through her pebble art.

If you like them, you can actually purchase it from Nowlan’s Etsy shop. Due to the uniqueness of the material, each work is one of a kind.

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