Minanowa introduces a captivating glass tableware collection that allows us to savor our meals while appreciating the mesmerizing beauty of water. While glass tables are not a novelty, Minanowa’s creations take the concept to a whole new level, immersing diners in the allure of water-inspired design.

Product designer Masahiko Tanoue embarked on the remarkable challenge of capturing water, not only in its fluid form but also its transparency and the way it refracts light. Achieving this required overcoming technical obstacles and utilizing high shutter speeds in photography to accurately replicate the intricate details of moving water. Tanoue’s innovative approach resulted in glass tableware that beautifully emulates the shape, form, and light interaction of water.

The design team behind Minanowa consists of talented individuals, including artist and producer Kaori Kobino, glass sculptor Naoki Kimura, product designer Masahiko Tanoue, and art director Shoko Wakasaki. These experts have dedicated years to experimenting with glass properties, aiming to capture the captivating interplay between water and light. The concept was initially introduced as a prototype in 2019, and after overcoming unexpected challenges and delays, the team is thrilled to reintroduce their shimmering creations.

Minanowa’s glass tableware collection is currently available through the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake. The range features four distinct shapes, with each piece priced between 14,200 yen and 24,200 yen (approximately $100 to $175 USD).

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