Wallpaper seems to be an outdated trend in interior for many people. It can be correct in certain extent. But bold wallpaper can inspire new worlds to be created within your own home. They can take us to the tropics, to misty mountain tops, or exotic aviaries. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at below collection of fabulous statement wallpapers by Wonderwall Studio.

Unlike the normal photo like stick, these large-format mural wallcoverings and expertly hand-painted designs are high-end and highly unique. It’s also possible to personally configure these luxurious wallpaper designs to a size that fits your feature wall perfectly.

Bright colour and bold birds, peaceful pastel shades, floral fields, cascading botanicals, these unusual statement wallpaper draws exquisite detail all the way up to the ceiling line. You can install these fabulous wallpaper in living room, dinning room, bedroom and even bathroom. Bathroom? Installing wallpaper in wet areas requires additional treatment. Coating with resin provides hardy protection, or you can choose large-format printed ceramic tiles.

Love the design you see here? You can heard over to its official site or Instagram for stunning statement wallpapers.

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