International Children’s Festival is most there, have you got some sweet gift for you kids? How about helping them to make me? Recycle some unused gloves and turn them into lovely chipmunk softie.

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Glove to Chipmunk

Glove to Chipmunk
If you get hooked and want to know how to make more then you can check out Miyako’s book “Happy Gloves” on amazon

Here is some projects in the book

* Banana and Flower
* Car
* Cat
* Chipmunk
* Donkey
* Doughnut, Muffin, and Bread
* Duck
* Elephant
* Frog
* Girl
* Lion
* Penguin
* Polar Bear
* Rabbits, Mother and Baby
* Teapot and Cup
* Tiger

Glove to Chipmunk
Glove to Chipmunk
Glove to Chipmunk
Glove to Chipmunk
And this is the tryout … :)

Glove to Chipmunk
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