Halloween is close and geeks couldn’t celebrate it in any way than with the Halloween gadgets. From Bloody Hand Foot Mouse Pad to LED Eyelashes and Pumpkin PC, you can choose literally everything to be the ultimate Halloween geek! And Attention Please: Some of the products / ideas presented here are really creepy and crazy….

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1. USB Hub Monster [link]

A six-legged monster, that features an USB port in each leg. Looks like a creepy spider….

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

2. Halloween and Special Effects Contact Lenses

Those awesome contact lenses, Halloween and Special Effects Contact Lenses are from Fxeyes’s. In their website, included over 130 styles. These horrifying contacts let your create any look, from zombie white-outs to intricate cyborg designs and demonic red eyes. Each Halloween contact lens offers exceptional comforts, so your eyes will feel heavenly even when they look hellish.

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

3. Pumpkin PC Case and PC

A weird, but innovative PC case for the ultimate nerd to celebrate Halloween. And if the Pumpkin PC case doesn’t make you the ultimate Halloween nerd, this one definitely does – the whole PC in pumpkin.

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

4. DIY moving pumpkin [link]

The Rovin Pumpkin has been fashioned out of a pie pumpkin that has been hollowed out from beneath to accommodate the inner workings that make it mobile. Inside, the motion for the little squash based monster comes from 3 Lego wheels attached to a servo motor which is driven by an ATtiny2313 microcontroller. In addition the pumpkin project adds 2 bright green LED’s that resemble eyes for additional spookiness at night.

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

5. Ghost Mouse [link]

Want to prepare your PC for Halloween, but the Pumpkin case is too much for you ? You’ll definitely love the ghost mouse, but unfortunately your hand won’t.

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

7. Remotely Controlled Tarantula [buy on Amazon]

Freak out your co-workers, classmates or girlfriend with this realistic-looking remote-controlled tarantula ($17.03). The creepy critter has light-up eyes, a furry texture and it scurries across any flat, smooth surface with spider-like leg movement.

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

8. USB Key Skull Ring [link]

Just in time for Halloween, Japan’s Solid Alliance has unveiled the USB Key Skull Ring. Available in black, silver, pink, gold, purple and blue, the tiny storage device is perfect for the geek who also fancies himself as a dark lord of the night, or just someone looking for a techie accessory for their Halloween outfit. Packing a full 2 gigabytes of gothic style memory capacity.

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

9. Bubble Fogger Machine [link]

Buble Fogger Machine is, obviously a bubble maker. The distinction? it add up a smoke inside the bubbles so when it burst, it can transform your room to a foggy haunted room! If you are a regular reader, you might have notice the same gadget that produce non-toxic fog. Bubble Fogger Machine is using the same fog, so you are safe from allergic or other health problem.

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

10. Demo iPhone Case

Here are some cool Halloween costumes for your iPhone 3G or 3G S. The Demon Silicone Series Case for iPhone 3G/ 3GS turns your iPhone into a demon complete with horns. In front it looks like your iPhone is being eaten, and on the back there is an image of a demon with hands. And of course, the case glows in the dark. The Demon Silicone Case comes in blue, yellow, white, green, and purple.

Now if you can go door to door and convince them that your iPhone deserves candy as well since it got all dressed up, then you’ve got it made.

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

11. LED Eyelashes from Korea [link]

Designed by Soomi Park, futuristic LED Eyelashes look like something you would see in a science fiction movie. The sensor inside the eyelashes can perceive the movements of the pupil in the eyes and eyelids. When the movement is detected, the LEDs flicker.I believe it will brighten you up in any Halloween part…

Halloween Geek Gadget Celebration

————–Here is the creepiest part in this post:————–

I swear, if I saw any of these I would definitely scream!

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