Being the owner of a design agency, you likely know how important it is to come up with an authentic brand identity. Given the amount of competition that exists in the creative industry, standing out from the rest can be difficult, as it involves engaging your audience using methods your competitors have yet to harness. While it can get complex, building an authentic brand for your design agency remains a possibility. You just need to follow a simple formula that will help you rise above the noise:

Strive for an emotional connection through relatable storytelling

A brand story is the backbone of your agency’s identity. It also happens to be your greatest asset when it comes to getting people to trust you. The best way you can go about this is through emotional storytelling. You can align your brand with the problems and issues that your clients are facing. On top of that, you can also use real-life experiences to frame your brand identity.

Commit to a tone and write all your materials from there

Is your agency serious and straightforward with what it does, or is it dynamic and lax? Your brand has a personality that can be described by the way your materials (from blogs to e-books) are written. It also helps you craft an identity that will set your brand apart from other businesses that stick to certain conventions.

For instance, if you are marketing creative services to businesses in the financial services industry, your brand has a better chance of standing out if it doesn’t sound like a Wall Street Times op-ed. You can still build an audience without using industry-specific jargon in a bid to be too uptight or too loose. After all, people will assume you know everything about your industry. You just have to communicate it clearly using a more straightforward tone.

Plan out your visual brand kit through competitor analysis

Apart from written materials, you also need visual content to communicate with your audience. You will need to create a brand kit that properly suits your brand objectives. However, when preparing a brand kit that’s meant to steal attention away from your competitors, you will need to take time carefully picking the right elements.

Start by selecting a color palette, graphic templates, typography, and a custom logo design based on your competitors’ branding. From there, you can analyze where you can make your own improvements. It’s not like you are mimicking other businesses, but it’s important to develop an authentic identity.

Use all available means to promote your brand

To truly stand out in a world full of noise, it’s often best to spread your voice around. Don’t just rely on a single channel of communication. Use every platform to let more and more people know about your business. Use a good mix of traditional and digital strategies that are meant to pull people towards your brand regardless of where they are. Reinforce your message by demonstrating the value your design agency is capable of providing.

There is no single formula for brand-building you need to follow so your design agency stands out. All you need to do is to figure out what matters most to your audience and learn how you can reach out to them.

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