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Bedrooms are our safe-haven, aren’t they? We want our space to look cozy and inviting after a tiring long day. If you have a big room, that’s great. But what if your bedroom is tiny and small. Well, don’t worry, compromise is out of the question! So, we bring you unique ideas to get the job done and make the ambiance look bigger and better. Let’s proceed.

Mellow Yellow? Or Any Other Light Color?

Firstly, light colors add a delicate touch to the room and gives it a sophisticated uplift. Now, the reason why sober colors work is because of the reflection of light. Hence, opting for softer tones means a bigger looking room. Why not dark colors? Because they absorb light making the room feel stuffy. A lively blue, baby pink, or even mellow yellow perhaps then?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall! 

To create the illusion of space, add mirrors on the walls of your room. You can always choose something lovely or vintage-like to make it feel like pieces of art, and since they reflect light if placed strategically, you not only end up feeling like you have a bigger room, but it also makes you feel like it is bright and beautiful.

Paint It Black… Or Dark 

This is an exciting choice because not only will it make your room feel well roomier, but it will also enhance the look. You can opt for a darker shade like navy blue, black, purple, and voila! You are done. You can also paint starry patterns or any other of your choice to make it much more aesthetic. Why it works? Because it creates the illusion of height.

Less Is More 

Opt for a minimalistic approach and by that, we mean say no to excess furniture. Now, you don’t need two side tables or chairs and more in the room. Instead, a queen mattress, which is 2 ft longalong with one side-table and a wardrobe, will do the job. However, if you think it is too simple for your taste, spruce it up with some greenery and fairy lights.

Keep It On The Low 

A good platform bed is all you need to make your room look big. For instance, Nectar offers you the best type of mattress for a platform bedNow, ditch your high headboards and keep things on a ground level. It is a simple trick and helps make the look more spacious and clean. However, be careful while decorating it because a high side-table won’t go with it, and you will need something that’s on the same level. You can also place a chair for when you want to sit in your room and use your bed for relaxing purposes only.

Shelf’s On The Wall 

It would help if you had shelves in your room to store books, souvenirs, and more. So, to ensure more space, less clutter, and help you keep everything perfectly, invest in a mounting shelf that’s high and wide so that all your things are stored correctly in one place. Today, you find these shelves with a built-in desk too.

Curtains Don’t Touch The Floor 

If the curtains touch the flooring, you are cutting the flow and making the space look cramped. Instead, make sure that your curtains are a few inches above the floor and don’t pool below. Simple yet effective.

Finally, it is essential to realize that when your room is small, simplicity is the key in not only making it look bigger and brighter, but it also ensures your space looks clutter-free and clean. So, try these tips and give your mini room a spacey makeover.

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