As a dog owner, I remember how my little furry buddy looks like when he was soaked. He is so skinny and forgive me, looking pretty funny. Hence, the picture below grabs my attention and put a smile on me immediately. Yeah, I guess no dog really like bathing no matter how much they enjoy playing in water.

Created by Propeg agency from Brazil and art Directed by Rodrigo Bonfim, these four belong to an interesting dog shampoo ads. Unlike the normal shampoo, it is a Dry Shampoo by Dr. Dog.

Personally, I am not a big fan of any kinds of dry shampoo, not matter it is for me or my dog. I just love bubbles. But I can see dry shampoo is handy and convenient in some situation. And I strongly think dry shampoo should be used sparingly. But anyway, from ads execution part, it is an interesting campaign and will easily evoke dog owner’s emotion.

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