Home appliances provide comfort and make us more efficient in our daily tasks whether we’re in the kitchen cooking, or washing clothes in the laundry room. However, their excessive use can shorten their life or cause them to malfunction, especially in the case of electronics. Not having these “tools” at hand can be quite troublesome, thus, homeowners should prioritize taking care of these helping hands to keep them functioning.

Here’s how you can inspect and maintain your household appliances:

Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

Clogged coils can’t release heat efficiently which makes the compressor work harder to perform its function. This extra load would cause it to use more energy and result in the wear and tear of the refrigerator. To remove the dust and dirt that gets accumulated, vacuum the coils clean. It’s recommended that you do this every year since regularly cleaning the condenser coils will not only ensure it operates efficiently but also improve your fridge’s longevity.

Avoid Overload

To maintain your washing machine, avoid putting in an extra load of clothes since this can damage the motor and belt. Instead, wash smaller loads of clothes and use an adequate amount of detergent. Since a build-up of detergent powder can also cause damage to the machine over time, clean the residue from the drum either by wiping it with a wet cloth or running an empty load to scrub down any deposits.

Avoid Slamming Doors

You might often drop the lid of your washer or dryer when you’re in a hurry or have your hands full, but this practice is not good for the sustainability of your appliances. If you continue to slam the doors to your machine, it can break the lid switch which can be quite expensive to repair. To save yourself from this cost, make sure you gently close the doors of such appliances.

Clean Air Conditioners

We’re all aware of the comforts that air conditioners bring to our lives, especially during the summer season. Additionally, someone who lives in hot and humid places like Florida or Arizona knows the importance of a well-functioning AC unit. Air filters get dirty during the winters, but if a clogged filter is left unattended for too long, it could break your air conditioner. The cost of this unexpected expense can be covered in your Florida home warranty plan since most of your household appliances are protected. Furthermore, a qualified technician could visit in spring and check if the unit is working properly. If there is a problem, he’ll deal with the issue and fix anything that needs to be repaired. Thus, a routine inspection can save your air conditioner from being permanently damaged.

Maintain Your Dryer

Like every other appliance, your dryer also needs regular maintenance to keep working efficiently and extend its lifespan. Since dryers are expensive, it’s essential to take proper care which can enhance its longevity and help you save on energy costs. Cleaning the lint filter after each use is crucial because if it gets clogged, your dryer would stop heating properly and laundry will take much longer to dry. Additionally, you should periodically check and have the outside vent cleaned as well.

Home appliances make everyday life so much easier and more convenient. Thus, proper maintenance and regular inspection of all household systems can help you save the money you’d spend on getting broken machines repaired. This is especially important if your machines are being used more than usual.

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