How to Set a Table: A Guide to Table Setting

Knowing how to set a dining table makes you one of the most classy and sophisticated hosts that your guests will ever visit. In today’s world, most people do not bother learning how to position silverware as well as plates on the dining table especially when they have important guests coming over for dinner.

Setting a table properly will make your guests feel important and appreciated. If you are planning to buy a dining table, we recommend you choose oak dining table from Cosywood in the UK if you want the best quality dining table for your home.

Below is a guide on everything you need to know about table setting. Check it out.

How to properly set a table for dining

When setting a table, it is important to know what kind of dining you are setting on your high quality dining table. Below are two ways that you can set your table for dining.

Setting a casual table

If you have an informal dinner party coming up or you are planning to host a family get-together dinner e.g. Thanksgiving, then you will need to set a casual table for dining. The setting of a casual table is similar to setting a basic table, except for the addition of a dinner plate as well as a soup bowl. Therefore, if you want to set the table for dinner for you, your partner, and your kids, follow the casual table setting below as well.

The steps to setting a casual table include:

  1. Set the placemat gently on the table
  2. Take the dinner plate and place it on the placemat in the middle
  3. Put the salad plate onto the dinner plate
  4. If soup is part of the course, put a soup bowl onto the salad plate
  5. Place a napkin on the left side of the charger
  6. Place a knife on the right close side of the plate and lay a spoon next to the knife
  7. Take the water glass and place it at the tip of the knife.
  8. On the right side of the water glass, slightly in front of it, place the glass for the beverage you intend to serve. For example, if you plan to serve red wine, place a red wine glass in this position.

A general rule to observe when setting a table is that you should only layout the tableware, flatware, and glassware if you are planning to use them. For example, if you intend to serve red wine during dinner, you will not need to set out the white wine glass. Also, if you are not serving soup, then do not set the soup bowl and spoon on the table.

Setting a formal table

If you want to learn how to set a table for fine dining, then you are in the right place. This guide will come in handy when you are hosting an engagement party or an elegant dinner for professional guests. Fine dining constitutes a three course meal so ensure that you have all the necessary cutlery, tableware, and glassware.

Below are steps you need to take when setting up a fine modern dining table. They include:

  1. Place a tablecloth on the dining table and ensure that the table cloth is clean and ironed
  2. Lay a charger or a presentation plate at each seat
  3. Take a soup bowl and place it at the center of the presentation plate
  4. Set a bread plate on the top left side of the presentation plate
  5. Place a napkin on the left side of the charger
  6. On the charger’s left side, place the dinner fork inside and the salad fork outside on the napkin or on the tablecloth between the charger and the napkin
  7. Place the knife next to the charger on its immediate right with its blade facing the charger, then place the soup spoon next to the knife
  8. Place a butter knife on the top part of the bread plate horizontally and ensure that its blade is facing inwards
  9. Lay a dessert spoon above the charger with its handle pointing rightwards
  10. Put a water glass at the tip of the knife and a white wine glass ¾ inches downwards to the right of the water glass
  11. Place the red wine glass on the right side of the white wine glass

The steps above will guide you on how to set a round dining table for any dinner event at your home to dine in style and class.

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