Light painting is a photographic technique that involves the movement of light whilst the cameras shutter is open. In order to capture the moving light source you will need to set your camera to a long exposure. This can be anything from 10 seconds to several minutes depending on how much light you want to expose.

There are some essential equipment you will need, such as a tripod, light painting tools (glow stick, torch, flashgun, etc.) and a wireless remote for your camera. It might sounds a bit troublesome. But light painting indeed is a fun, creative and relatively inexpensive photographic activity. Moreover, the end results are usually impressive. You can see our previous articles about some awesome light painting creations. But today, we want to present Vitor Schietti’s fairytale works to you.

In Vitor Schietti’s Impermanent Sculptures, thick treetops and branches are swollen with light that appears to drip down in incandescent rays. Each photograph frames the nighttime scenes in a dreamy, energetic manner as the glowing beams both outline and obscure the existing landscapes. Some of the photographs are taken in a single shot. While many are composites created from various light paintings.

You might say, “Okay, another photoshop work”. But according to Schietti “Apart from this process and color and contrast adjustments, the result is conceived entirely from real action with fireworks, a performance that shifts between spontaneity and control”. So, not much about the digital work and more about an unconscious realms which only be visible through long-exposure photography.

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