Tina Kraus AKA Faltmanufaktur is a freelance illustrator and paper artist from Germany. When Tina began her experiment with paper, she started with traditional paper flowers, then some not-so-traditional plant like Venus flytrap. After that, she started to challenge herself to make more complicated creatures like insects and animals which is her most recognizable project: lifelike Crepe Paper Sculptures.

After year of practicing and improving, Kraus has mastered making these sculptures that it’s almost impossible to distinguish them from the real thing. When asked the idea behind those replicates, Kraus said “I try to recreate the beauty and weirdness of nature in paper. I want to show people that species that are often disregarded and threatened due to human impact on Earth also have immense beauty and value. Some of these animals are also very rare, but decorative, so I’m happy to offer a cruelty-free option for people to enjoy these animals in their homes.”

More info: faltmanufaktur.com | Instagram | youtube.com | behance.net

Leaf insect (Phyllium)

Emerald Cicada (Zammara smaragdina)



Canary-shouldered Thorn

Hercules beetle

Crested Gecko with Moth


In Progress …

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