What you will get after burning matches? Ash? Maybe it is human head!

Titled “Matchstickmen“, the ongoing series of charred matches by Wolfgang Stiller are oversized and surreal renditions of the book-bound lookalikes. The German artist sculpts human heads in bright red or gradient-lined black signaling previous use that sit atop the square posts standing about five feet tall. The nondescript figures span the gamut of human emotion, ranging from pained expressions and distress to joy and calm.

When asked the idea behind this “Match stick men” series, Stiller explains: “It is an undeniable fact, which we like to forget, that our present existence, (our) body is going to fall apart. We all have a certain lifespan. “The Match stick” men serve as a friendly reminder of this fact. That might scare a lot of people, especially those with a very materialistic worldview who think everything ends with the death of our physical body, but it could be also seen as an encouragement to live a more meaningful life.”

If you are currently in London, you can visit Stiller’s solo show at Miart Gallery through September 21, 2021. Or you can visit his site or follow him on Instagram for more of his metaphorical works.

h/t: thisiscolossal

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