Beeswax Wraps (amazon) are getting quite popular these days. Made from cotton, beeswax, tree resin and vegetable oil, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Compared with the most plastic wrap we usally used, they are more durable. You can wash them with soap and reuse them for up to a year. No wonder more and more people will choose to use beeswax wrap to pack their food.

The Leaf Shaped Beeswax Wraps from SUCK UK go step further. They not only make wraps using beeswax, but design them look like leaves. Leaves have been used as a natural food wrapping for millennia. And these leaf shaped beeswax wrap does what leaf does, plus reusable. Pack a snack, cover bowls with leftovers, wrap up bread or sandwiches or vegetables and fruit just as you would do with cling film.

Easy to use: Fold-to-fit, then press and seal with the warmth of your hands to create natural, breathable storage in seconds. A great earth-friendly gift.


  • 3 leaves per pack: Banana (L) Cabbage (M) Perilla (S)
  • Large 40 x 28cm | 16″ x 11″
  • Medium 30 x 24cm | 12″ x 9″
  • Small 21 x 18cm | 8″ x 7″

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