Pasta, as a staple food of Italian cuisine, come in a number of shapes and varieties. However, the pasta presented in this article doesn’t look like any of those you might have seen before. Honestly, if I didn’t know in advance and just look at the picture, I would thought that might be some clay craft rather than food.

Made by Chef David Rivillo, these too beautiful to eat custom made pasta and has earned him almost 40K+ followers on Instagram. According to Rivillo “I started working with fresh pasta in 2016 when I started my professional culinary studies in Porto Alegre. Since then, I got my first pasta machine and never bought pasta again in the supermarket.”

Rivillo’s paste come in vibrant shades of blue, purple and green and look like stuff right out of the candy store. Yes! Candy store. These paste look exactly like candy to me, from color to pattern. Some of the strands of spaghetti and flat pasta are so vibrant they look like colorful shoelaces or decorative ribbon.

Below are some of Rivillo’s amazing Custom Made Pasta work and you can find more on his Instagram. I bet you will be totally blown off.

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