Using long strips of metal, artist Lee Sangsoo creates spiraled minimal animal sculptures such as flamingos, dogs, parrots, and other creatures. Considering his practice a form of “drawing in the air,” Sangsoo sculpts below minimal works with stainless steel then coats each angled side with subtle gradients or a complementary palette.

Inspired by Picasso’s small, abstract animal drawings, the vibrantly coloured and elegantly crafted sculptures demonstrate Sangsoo’s continuity and express an appreciation for animals. As a fond observer of animals and nature, Sangsoo uses his talents to reveal the beauty of simplicity. This talent can be seen from Sangsoo’s work. With the simple strips, we can easily know what animals the sculptures represent.

When asked the idea behind his sculpture, the artist explains:

Lines, planes, and colors are important elements that work in my work. The lines drawn in the two-dimensional sketchbook determine the large flow and form of the work. And it becomes three-dimensional in the three-dimensional space. The square lines are shown in various shapes and colors according to the flow and twist. So you can feel the dynamism in the still work. Also, depending on the flow, the thickness of the lines may be rhythmically thickened or thinned.

Below are some of Sangsoo’s twisted animal sculptures and you can find more on his Instagram.

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