When comes to tea set, you might connect it with words like elegant, antique, transitional, not probably not creepy. While Israeli artist Ronit Baranga goes beyond her previous creation, and create some unusual tea sets. Baranga took a twisted turn into the world of sweets and desserts. She merged anatomical parts, desserts, and serving ware in an evocative ceramic tea set series.

Dextrous fingers manage to swipe a bit of frosting from a cupcake and gaping mouths stick their tongues out for a taste of pastries. The treats and tablewares now have their own mouths, awaiting their chance to bite. Who eats who?

Honestly, it is a bit disturbing. While, according to Baranga, this surreal series “All Things Sweet and Painful” is try to addresses the complex relationship we have with luxuries, especially with foods: the mix of need and the insatiable hunger for more—more sugar, more attention, more love. There is a constant push against the boundaries of rational consumption, craving the sugar rush, forever tempted to go overboard.

If you like such style work, you should definitely follow Baranga on her instagram. You can find more stunning works there. But if not, that is totally fine, It is just not your cup of tea.

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