The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. A quality mattress is essential to getting good sleep, but it can also affect the look of your bedroom. Therefore, to get the most out of your bedroom, you must choose a mattress that works well with its surroundings.

Several factors come into play when picking the perfect mattress to complement your interior design. The bedroom size and design style are probably the most important considerations. Let’s see how you choose the mattress that gets the most out of your bedroom’s aesthetics.

Consider the Size of Your Bedroom

Before you go any further, you need to choose the size of the mattress that best fits your bedroom. As the focal point of your bedroom, the bed must occupy a large portion of the available space. Otherwise, your bedroom will either feel cramped or empty.

If you’re single and have a small bedroom, a twin-size bed is often the perfect option. It fills the room nicely and offers plenty of space for a single sleeper. However, if your bedroom is on the larger side, you’ll probably have to go with a king-size, even if you sleep alone. If you don’t, all that space might keep you up at night.

When choosing the right mattress, a good general rule of thumb is to ensure at least two feet of free space around the edges of the bed. Of course, you will need to leave space for any doors. That’s from a technical viewpoint, though – to find the right style, you might need to play around a bit.

Choose Your Mattress Type

All mattresses look similar, especially when you cover them with a sheet. Still, mattress type is an important consideration, as it significantly affects your sleep quality.

Memory foam mattresses are a prevalent choice among sleepers. They offer a wonderful combination of support and pressure relief, ensuring an uninterrupted sleeping cycle. On top of that, memory foam has a unique ability to provide warmth, which is part of what makes it so popular among Canadians. If you want to find out about the most popular memory foam mattresses in Canada, click here to check out reviews of the best ones.

Memory foam has one more ace up its sleeve in interior design: these mattresses are much lighter than others out there. That means you’ll have a much easier time moving things around to find your bedroom’s best-looking layout. Likewise, trying out different colored sheets will be a breeze, as flipping a memory foam mattress requires little to no effort. On the other hand, doing the same with a spring mattress is much heavier, turning interior decoration into at least a two-person job.

Find a Suitable Bed Frame

The bed frame is what gives your mattress style and substance. There are all kinds of bed frames on the market, from big, bulky ones, to some you can barely even notice. They all have a place in bedroom decor – it all depends on the style you’re going for and your available space.

Bed Frames for Small Bedrooms

Before we get into styling, the first thing you should consider when selecting a bed frame is how big your bedroom is. Cluttering it with an ornate bed frame makes no sense if you have a tiny bedroom. On the contrary, you need to make clever use of your space, which means a minimalist design is your best bet. But, of course, minimalism is even more pronounced when you need to fit a large, two-person mattress into a small space. In that case, you might even want to consider going completely frameless.

Japanese style floor mattresses are a trendy choice – they provide a completely uncluttered look and don’t add any bulk, making them the perfect choice for those lacking space. However, should you choose to forego the bed frame altogether, you’ll need to find a way to keep your mattress from sliding across the floor. Likewise, you need to ensure ample air circulation on the underside of your mattress; otherwise, you risk mold growth. Luckily, specialist products can solve these problems, and a simple rug will also do a good job.

Bed Frames for Large Bedrooms

If you have the luxury of a large bedroom, you can explore more elaborate interior decoration styles. Therefore, a spacious room all but requires choosing a bigger, flashier bed frame.

A bulky bed frame is no longer something to avoid when you have an open space. Instead, you can play around with frames made from thick hardwood, even ones with built-in nightstands.

With a large bedroom, you also have the option to make a statement by using a nice headboard. A headboard is a great way to draw attention to your bed, making it the true focus of your room.

However, a minimalist design is still possible even with a large bedroom, but you’ll need to find other pieces of furniture to fill out your space.


Mattress size plays a significant role not only regarding sleeping comfort but also style-wise. One of the keys to a modern, attractive bedroom is choosing the correct bed size. Your bedroom will neither feel empty nor be overpowered by your bed’s size.

Our tips will help you choose the correct size mattress to fit your bedroom. However, there’s more to bedroom decoration than that, as there are many styles from which to choose. Still, we don’t doubt that you’ll find the right one for you.

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