Lim Heng Swee, as one of our favorite Illustrator, has been featured many times on our site. From “moody animals” to “doodling a smile“, Swee’s illustrations can easily put a smile on your face. However, I have to say, Swee’s cat illustrations are my favorite. Not matter it is “cat landscape” or “cat and plant”, just love the way Swee incorporate cat into his creation.

Although he has never owned a cat, he is inspired by the strays he sees wandering around his neighbourhood. “Cats for me are solitary and mysterious, but at the same time they are elegant, free and always chill.”

Below are some of new works from Swee’s “cat and plant” series (previous). For cat lovers, we know all too well how cats are instantly drawn to houseplants. They love nothing more than to disappear into the leaves and Swee just presented these playful scenes on the paper.

Take a look and see can you spot all the hiding cats. Don’t forget to follow Swee on his Instagram page for more lovely cat illustrations. Also, you can purchase prints from Swee’s Etsy shop.

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