You’ll love this happy holiday take on the traditional amaryllis stake.

Select from Santa, Elf, Angel or Gingerbread Man! Now you can decorate your Amaryllis plant or any other plant that needs help staying upright with this holiday stake. Ascending their sturdy, stalk-supporting ladders, these four beloved holiday characters make sure your amaryllis stems stay straight and strong.

Each ladder house plant stake is made with enameled metal (Santa’s ladder is coal black, while our Angel, Elf and Gingerbread Man climb shiny silver ladders). And these holiday figurines are made of resin. Once it starts, your amaryllis can grow up to an inch a day. Conveniently, ladder rungs are also 1″ apart so you can move your cute characters up and up to mark each day’s growth.

Now, you can dress up your planter and give them a holiday touch as well. You can buy it from Amazon.


  • Each offer includes disassembled ladder, a ring for the amaryllis stalks and a decorative Elf figurine
  • Each ladder measures 16 inches high and 4 inches in diameter; Elf measures 5.25 inches high, 2.5 inches wide, 2 inches deep

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