Cats are known to wedge themselves into tiny spots. But can they fit themselves into your shirt pocket? Of course, it is not possible in real life. However, with artist Hiroko Kubota‘s realistic embroideries, it becomes possible somehow.

Stitched onto collared shirts, the Japanese based artist’s cat portraits are cleverly placed to depict furry faces peering over the edge of a pocket and sometimes, attempting to climb out from their garment confines. Sometimes, you can also see a furry tail comes out of the shirt.

How charming it is! The cat’s lifelike eyes will instantly melt your heart. If you you’re curious about how she does it, you can check out her book “Cat in My Pocket Embroidery” (amazon). Kubota’s technique allows crafters to “paint with thread” by using a small needle and single strands of colorful embroidery floss. There are 10 original projects presented in the book, helping you to create some purrfect crafts.

Of course, if you are not good at needle. You can simply head over to Kubota’s Instragram page to find more cute animal embroideries. Cat, dog, bird, lizard, there are so many varieties!

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