Project: Hoi Pa Resite Village
Interior Design: LittleMore Design
Location: Hong Kong
Project size: 631 ft2

Designed by Littlemore Interior Design, every space in this 631-square-foot house at Hoi Pa Resite Village is well defined while connected intimately to each other. The general tone of this Ryokan-like apartment is wood & a spectrum of neutral earthy colours, creating a decompressing atmosphere, with a pinch of Japanese Minimal touches.

Making use of the ground floor location, the foyer is designed like a Genkan of a traditional Japanese house: shoes can be taken off and well placed before entering the living spaces.

Each spaces are defining themselves with a proper orientation & movement of the users. The kitchen located at the core gives everyone a warm welcome when they come back home. A big multi-function platform is arranged by the largest window of the house. It can be a casual work station, the playground for the parents to have their family moments with the children, or a place for the couple to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a cup of tea.

The kid’s area has a fully openable shoji doors, sunlight gently brightening up the space for most of the day. This platformed area is slightly set back from the main spaces and can easily be transformed into a nice comfy snugging spot with the shoji doors closed.

The bedroom and bathroom are designed in the same style. Various wooden material are used to give a warn and clam feeling. One of the coziest apartment I have seen. Love the design especially the multi-functional platform in the living area. What is your favorite part of this Ryokan-like apartment?

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